Blood Pressure Support Magnesium 150g Powder Trace Minerals Research

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Blood Pressure Support Magnesium Powder is a delicious drink mix that provides 250 milligrams of heart-healthy magnesium and 90 milligrams of potassium that helps support blood pressure that’s already in a healthy range, cardiovascular health, and circulatory health. It also includes Trace Minerals’ signature Ionic Trace Minerals complex that contains a full spectrum of ionic trace minerals for mineral balance.

Mix 1 scoop (5 g) with 4-8 oz of water daily for best results. If this is your first time taking a magnesium supplement, we recommend taking half of the serving size in the morning and the other half in the afternoon or evening.

Other Ingredients

Natural flavors blend (orange juice powder, orange flavor, mango flavor), organic cane sugar, citric acid, steviol glycosides, beta carotene (as color).

Allergen Info

No Known Allergens