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Frankincense Essential Oil 5 mL (0.16 OZ) Ancient Nutrition

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Transform your space with this calm, earthy scent. Our high-quality essential oils are always Non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic and made without added chemicals.



  • Warm, earthy scent
  • 3 forms of frankincense: Boswellia serrata, carterii & frereana
  • Made without added synthetics or fragrances
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO

How to Use

Apply one drop to the bottoms of feet
Diffuse for at-home aromatherapy
Add a drop to your favorite moisturizer

Product Facts

Form: Oil
Serving Size: 1 Drop
# of Servings: 83
Product Weight: 5mL / .16 ounces
Caution: Possible skin irritant. Avoid contact with eyes.


Key Ingredients

A fragrant way to add ambiance to your home, without added chemicals.

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USDA Certified Organic

We're proud to be USDA Certified Organic — it means we bottle essential oils sourced from plants grown without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, toxic human sewage sludge, biosolids or toxic solvents. Our USDA Certified Organic essential oils are always non-GMO and made without added synthetics or fragrances.

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Potency From Seed to Bottle

So many essential oils lack potency — but we don’t believe in shortcuts when it comes to the quality of our oils. It typically takes a large amount of the original plant to create just a few drops of high-quality essential oil, so that’s what we do.

FAQ | What are some other ways I can use this oil?

There are many ways you can use this oil in addition to just diffusing it throughout your space. Here’s how we use it: 1. Add a few drops to your pillow before bed for a restful night's sleep. 2. Add 1 drop to the bottom of your feet before bed. 3. Add a few drops to your bath water for a calming night in. 4. Combine a few drops with water into a spray bottle for a non-toxic household cleaner. 5. Add 1 drop to your favorite moisturizer.

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