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Kiwi Regularity 30 chewable Enzymedica

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Regularity can finally be a regular part of your life.

The Actazin kiwifruit in every bottle of Kiwi Regularity helps maintain regularity and healthy digestion.* With over 15 real, organic kiwifruits in every bottle, not only does Kiwi Regularity help reduce occasional constipation, but it also offers prebiotics to help give your gut microbiome a boost.* When your gut starts feeling regular, your whole body feels the lift!

  • Improved regularity*
  • Reduced occasional constipation*
  • Better digestion*
  • Prebiotic microbiome boost*


  • Vegan
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free
  • Soy Free

Suggested Use

Chew 2 relief chews daily. More may be taken as needed, not to exceed 6 daily. Natural speckling may occur. Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition.

New Zealand green kiwifruits are a powerhouse of nutrition, filled with fiber, nutrients and a unique digestive enzymes called Actinidin. This potent combination provides benefits not only for digestion but also for regularity and microbiome health.*

Why are green kiwifruits so beneficial for regularity support?

The fiber in kiwifruits retains more water and swells larger than other common sources of fiber. It can swell to three times its original volume, which is twelve times more than wheat bran, six times more than apple fiber and 1.5 times more than psyllium. It also has twice the water retention capacity of apple fiber and four times that of wheat bran. This is what allows green kiwifruits to help maintain normal bowel movements.*

Why are Zespri kiwifruits special?

Zespri, the world’s leading kiwifruit manufacturer, uses their 12-stage system to grow kiwifruit to the highest standards on the planet for both quality and sustainability. To ensure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides contaminate their crops, every orchard they run is independently tested for agricultural residues before each harvest.

On top of that, their kiwifruits are watered with a custom-managed irrigation system that ensures no water is wasted, and the prunings from the vines are mulched and used to enrich the soil of the orchards so that nothing goes to waste. Kiwifruit that are grown in New Zealand are also exposed to more UV light, leading to higher levels of secondary metabolites that offer promising health benefits.

What is Actazin and how does it help promote regularity and gut health?

Actazin is a clinically studied, cold-pressed extract made from non-GMO, Zespri New Zealand kiwifruit that comes with a whole host of benefits. It is through Zespri’s processing and drying techniques that they are able to ensure that high levels of key nutrients and bioactives are maintained.

In a study on the efficacy of Actazin for promoting regularity, Actazin was shown to increase the number of weekly bowel movements of healthy individuals.* The study concluded that while a higher dosage (2,400 mg) was optimal for when someone was feeling “stopped up,” a lower dose of 600 mg was ideal to for the maintenance of regular bowel movements.*

Beyond maintaining normal regularity, Actazin helps to bring out a whole host of other beneficial aspects of the kiwifruit, including prebiotics to help the microbiome flourish and the enzyme Actinidin to enhance protein digestion.*

In vitro studies have demonstrated Actazin to have a positive effect on beneficial bacterial strains such as those in the gut microbiome.* Actazin supported the growth of common probiotics without supporting growth of unwanted bacteria.* Results from studies suggest that 25mg of Actazin can boost the population of 1 billion CFU of bacteria to a 90% increase in growth.

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