HepatoVen™ 60 capsules Premier Research Labs

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Dietary Supplement
60 Plant-Source Capsules
Premier Detoxification and Liver Support*


  • Comprehensive, multi-botanical formula that showcases the premier quality extracts of milk thistle seed and artichoke leaf
  • Contains a full-spectrum blend of liver-associated phytonutrients*

                                                PRODUCT INFORMATION

                                                Support the Liver!

                                                Premier Research Lab’s liver support formula, HepatoVen™, is a comprehensive, multi-botanical formula that showcases the premier quality extracts of milk thistle seed and artichoke leaf.*  This formula clinically delivers 510 mg of milk thistle extract (per 3 capsules) with standardized, HPLC-verified silymarin (45% concentration) to ensure an effective dosage to support liver health concerns.* Silymarin, a key phytochemical in milk thistle seed, is a highly active flavonolignan traditionally used for its hepato-supportive and antioxidant properties to promote the healthy structure and function of the liver.* 

                                                This formula is anchored with a full spectrum phytonutrient blend, Liver Pro Blend™, that includes the legendary liver-associated botanicals of artichoke extract, reishi mushroom, turmeric rhizome and beet root to create an optimal nutritional effect.*

                                                Silymarin Targets the Liver for Antioxidant Support

                                                Milk thistle seed is one of the most clinically reviewed herbs in human history, cherished for its wide ranging health benefits targeted at the liver.* The beneficial effects of silymarin may be due to the naturally occurring sulfhydryl groups that promote cysteine availability for the proper biosynthesis of glutathione.  Science has revealed that supporting hepatic glutathione and superoxidase activity may contribute to the necessary antioxidant defense at the liver to promote ideal cell membrane health.*  

                                                Milk Thistle Seed and Artichoke - The Perfect “One-Two” Punch for the Liver

                                                Each day, a healthy liver produces up to one quart of bile that has the consistency of a light oil.  When the liver is subject to dietary stress, bile production may be compromised. The bile can then develop a thicker consistency more like honey than a thin oil, forming a sludge-like bile with poor dietary effects.   Milk thistle seed extract (with naturally occurring silymarin) and artichoke leaf extract are the perfect combination to promote comprehensive liver support for production of healthy bile metabolism and gallbladder support.* The gallbladder is the liver’s storage reservoir for bile. When you eat fat, the stomach signals the gallbladder that fat is on the way. The gallbladder in turn contracts, sending bile into the small intestine to emulsify the fats.

                                                HepatoVen™ - Get the Liver Humming

                                                Unfortunately, today’s environment exposes the liver to a wide variety of toxins and pollutants. To keep the body’s processing systems humming in tip top shape, the wise choice is to assist its daily cleansing efforts with the hepato-supportive nutrients in HepatoVen™.*  Clinically targeting the liver with these potent botanical compounds and antioxidant properties helps promote liver health and can be one of the most powerful measures to optimize your body’s overall health.*  

                                                RECOMMENDED USAGE

                                                Take 3 daily with a meal or as directed by a health professional.

                                                Supplement Facts

                                                Serving Size 3 Capsules
                                                Servings Per Container 20

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