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Apigenin™ capsules nuBioAge

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Apigenin is a flavonoid with a broad spectrum of biological
activities, including effects on metabolism, inflammation,
neuroprotection, and anti-cancer properties. It acts as a potent
inhibitor of CD38, a key enzyme that reduces NAD levels,
thereby influencing several cell signaling pathways.

Apigenin has also been shown to influence
weight, inflammation, and insulin resistance by
altering the gut microbiota and restoring the
richness and diversity of the gut microbiota.

Cellular Pathways

Inhibition of CD38 is the core pathway for
mitigating age related decline. CD38 is the
main enzyme that degrades NAD+.

Why this matters: 

CD38 is abundant in inflammatory cells and key in the decline of NAD+, crucial for cell functions. With aging, CD38 expression, mRNA, and NADase activity increase, accelerating cellular aging. Overexpression of CD38 in cancer cells triggers aging-like features. Also, low-grade inflammation during aging boosts CD38 expression in inflammatory cells, leading to their accumulation in tissues, indicating CD38’s significant role in the cycle of aging and inflammation.

CD38 Degrades NAD+ Precursors: Implications for NAD+ Replacement Therapy

•    CD38 is required for the age related NAD decline and mitochondrial dysfunction via a pathway mediated at least in part by regulation of  the SIRT3 activity
•    NAD replacement-based therapies with NMN and NR for metabolic dysfunction could be significantly improved by combination with CD38 inhibitors.

Synergy with NAD precursors, Guttides, Leusynergy:

Apigenin™ + (NMN, NR, 5-amino, NAD injection) 
Apigenin in conjunction with NAD precursors like NMN, NR, 5-amino1mq and NAD injections create a systematic approach to cellular efficiency.

Apigenin™ + (Guttides,  Larazotide, nuButyrate™)
Due to Apigenin effects on the microbiome and akkermensia it is commonly added to gut health protocol using Guttides, Larazotide and butryrate.

Apigenin™ + (GLP-1, Sermorelin, Leusynergy™, Sytrinol® LNA) 
Apigenin is also used in combination with peptides and supplements that improve metabolism such as GLP-1s and Sermorelin.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 capsule daily

Amount Per Serving
Apigenin - 150mg
Cellulose (Capsule)
Rice Flour
Magnesium Stearate
Daily Value (DV) not established

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