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Dihydrohonokiol (DHH-B) is a natural compound
extracted from magnolia bark, known for its anxiolytic
effects. It promotes a sense of calm without causing
motor dysfunction, amnesia, or physical dependence.
Unlike synthetic drugs, DHH-B doesn’t exacerbate side
effects or lead to withdrawal symptoms.

As a potent form of honokiol, it offers a
natural alternative for anxiety and stress

Cellular Pathways

Chronic administration of honokiol, a natural
compound, results in the buildup of a metabolite called
dihydrohonokiol-B (DHH-B), which is responsible for
honokiol’s anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) effects. DHH-B
acts as a potent agent to reduce anxiety by targeting
the GABA_A receptor-gated chloride channel complex
in the brain, suggesting a specific mechanism through
which DHH-B can alleviate anxiety.

Why this matters:

Magnolia bark and its extracts need to be administered repeatedly to achieve their effects, whereas DHH-B (dihydrohonokiol-B) provides immediate anxiety-reducing benefits. Unlike benzodiazepines, a common class of anxiolytics, DHH-B does not lead to motor dysfunction or dependency. This underlines DHH-B’s promise as a therapeutic option for anxiety disorders, showcasing its capacity to alter neurotransmitter systems for effective anxiolytic outcomes without the significant side effects associated with many traditional medications.

Clinical Studies

Honokiol, a putative anxiolytic agent extracted from magnolia bark, 
has no diazepam-like side-effects in mice

•     Anxiety reducing effects without affecting motor activity or muscle tone
•     Honokiol did not exhibit withdrawal symptoms seen with benzodiazepines
•     Honokiol did not disrupt learning, memory or central nervous system depression at anxiolytic doses

Synergy with Oxytocin, Sermorelin, GLP-1:


DHH-B + Oxytocin

Oxytocin has been shown to decrease stress by its ability to reduce cortisol while DHH-B also has an anxiolytic effect by stimulating gaba receptors and manage stress and anxiety.

DHH-B + Sermorelin

DHH-B helps patients manage sleep patterns. Typcially used with Sermorelin which improves night time growth hormone secretion that has been shown to enhance deep sleep.


Cortisol has been shown to be anabolic to fat tissue and catabolic to muscle tissue putting effective weight loss on hold. The combination of GLP-1 with DHH-B has been used to mitigate stress induced weight loss resistance.


 Dihydrohonokiol-B (DHH-B) (Magnolia Bark): 15mg

Recommended Use

Take 1 capsule daily.

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