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Hair/Skin/Nails 60 capsules Premier Research Labs

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Dietary Supplement
60 Plant-Source Capsules
Premier Hair, Skin and Nails Support*


  • Features unique, patented solubilized keratin to make it highly bioavailable*
  • Effectively supports skin moisture, elasticity and compactness*
  • Clinically supports overall hair health and strength; also supports nails*
  • Extracted keratin from pure New Zealand wool

                                          PRODUCT INFORMATION

                                          INVIGORATE YOUR INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM FORM THE INSIDE OUT  

                                          Welcome to Premier Hair/Skin /Nails™ and its revolutionary ingredient, solubilized keratin. Supplementing with bioavailable keratin can promote skin firmness, elasticity and protein structure.*

                                          Keratin also helps promote skin brightness and radiance through its natural antoxidant properties; it also assists SOD and glutathione production. For hair health, keratin promotes hair strength and luster.* It also promotes nail strength and elasticity.* Wow – what a dynamic ingredient! 

                                          AT 500 mg PER DAY
                                          This revolutionary patented process comprised of solubilized keratin provides the body with a more bioavailable keratin, which aids in clinically supporting and promoting a radiant integumentary system.* 

                                          Premier Hair/Skin /Nails™ features a unique, solubilized keratin made with the use of a revolutionary patented process. This product offers a more bioavailable keratin which aids in clinically supporting and promoting the health and integrity of skin, hair and nails.* 

                                          Keratin Overview 
                                          Keratin is one of the fibrous structural proteins that supports epithelial cells during stress and is recognized as the key structural component critical to skin, hair and nail composition. Keratin delivers an exceptionally high content of the amino acid, cysteine, which is in itself an abundant source of sulfur molecules. Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in the body and is an essential mineral that nourishes and promotes the health, strength and appearance of skin, hair and nails. Keratin by itself is not water soluble. To overcome this problem, a breakthrough patented process yields a solubilized keratin that possesses a unique colloidal dispersion that gives the keratin a greater bioavailability. Thus, supplementation with solubilized keratin, as found in Premier Hair/Skin /Nails™, has clinically demonstrated its ability to invigorate the vitality of the integumentary system.* 

                                          Supporting Skin Health
                                          By supporting the protein structure of skin, keratin is able to promote skin firmness and elasticity.* Keratin is a protein that exists in many types of cells but is an essential component to the epithelial cells that make up the skin. Because keratin is a naturally rich source of sulfur, it provides a unique support for the skin’s collagen structure.* Supplementation with solubilized keratin has clinically demonstrated its ability to support skin health.*

                                          Supporting Hair Health
                                          Over 90% of the dry weight of hair is comprised of keratin, a protein that has a high disulfide content from its amino acid, cysteine. When sulfur molecules from cysteine bond together, they form very strong disulfide bridges which can promote the health of the hair shaft. Different parts of the hair shaft naturally have different levels of cysteine which means that for some people, the hair is straighter and for others, more curly. Even when hair is in stress, supplementation with solubilized keratin has clinically demonstrated its ability to support overall hair health.*

                                          Supporting Nail Health
                                          Nail strength is supported by the presence of keratin and the keratinization process. As keratin is formed in the body, it naturally pushes upward from the base of the nail. Specialized cells called keratinocytes promote the length, strength and overall health of the nails. Supplementation with solubilized keratin has clinically demonstrated its ability to support nail health.*

                                          RECOMMENDED USAGE

                                          Take 2 capsules daily, or as directed by a health professional.

                                          Supplement Facts

                                          Serving Size 2 Capsules
                                          Servings Per Container 30

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