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Performance Collagen™ 351.2g (12.4 oz) nuBioAge

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Collagen is a critical component of many different aspects of the human body. Almost 30% of the total body’s protein consists of collagen. There are 2 mechanisms that the body utilizes collagen via stimulating cell metabolism and increasing specific amino acids for collagen synthesis.

Collagen Benefits

  • Mobile joints
  • Less joint pain
  • Smoother skin
  • Hair and nail health
  • Stronger ligaments and tendons
  • Healthy muscle


  • FORTIGEL®: 5g
  • Protein:  15g
  • Vitamin C:  90mg
  • Iron:  0.37mg
  • Sodium:  135mg

Recommended Use

Combine 1 scoop with 8 fl oz of liquid.  Mix thoroughly.

Fortigel hydrolyzed collagen is a novel ingredient
aimed at joint cartilage regeneration, backed by clinical
evidence for reducing pain, enhancing mobility, and
promoting long-term cartilage health safely.
Collagen’s significance extends to skin
elasticity and hydration; supplements
can potentially enhance skin moisture,
elasticity, and reduce wrinkles for a more
youthful appearance.

Cellular Pathways

A positive effect of collagen peptides on the regeneration of
hyaline cartilage was observed in cultured chondrocytes.
The stimulation of the extracellular matrix (ECM) synthesis
is probably caused by specific Hyp-Pro-Gly containing
peptides with a molecular size <10 kD.
Stimulate the growth and activity of fibroblasts, the cells responsible for producing collagen in the skin and other connective tissues.

Why this matters:

As individuals age, collagen levels decrease, leading to less flexible and more brittle cartilage. Aging-related changes increase collagen cross-linking, stiffening cartilage and making it prone to fatigue failure. Structural collagen changes, including degradation, are associated with skin wrinkling, bone deterioration, and cardiovascular and respiratory issues. Cartilage degeneration, a result of aging, can lead to arthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease.

Clinical Studies

Improvement of activity-related knee joint discomfort following supplementation 
of specific collagen peptides.

•     5g supplementation of FORTIGEL treatment was shown to decrease knee pain and stiffness and increase physical function after 6 weeks
•    After 12 weeks 40% of patients reported no knee pain and 70%achieved a positive effect of therapy
Synergy with Pentosan Polysulfate, BPC-157, GHK-Cu:

Performance Collagen™+ Pentosan Polysulfate

Hydrolyzed Collagen is a key component in proteoglycans and collagen type II formation which can help repair cartilage degradation and decrease joint pain, typically used in joint and inflammatory pain protocols.

Performance Collagen™ + BPC-157 and Sermorelin

Collagen supplementation when broken down can form foundational building blocks for muscle and ligament repair. Sermorelin improves growth hormone secretion while BPC-157 has been shown to upregulate growth hormone receptors. These have been used in synergy to improve injury and recovery.

Performance Collagen™+ GHK-Cu

Collagen supplementation helps rejuvenate collagen type III in the skin which is important for skin elasticity and overall skin health. GHK-Cu has been shown to enhance skin elasticity.  

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