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Extra Strength Probiotics 60 capsules Regenerative Organic Certified™ Ancient Nutrition

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This first-ever blend incorporates 50 billion CFU1 from 30 diverse strains with incredible superfood ingredients for gut health.



  • 30 probiotic strains, prebiotics and postbiotics
  • Proprietary probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis AB22
  • First ever Regenerative Organic Certified® Extra Strength Probiotics
  • Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC)™ lion’s mane mushroom mycelium, organic fermented ginger root and vitamin B12.
  • Made with select ROC™ ingredients grown on our founders’ farms
  • Supports a healthy immune system†
  • Reduces occasional constipation, gas and bloating†
  • Supports healthy elimination†
  • Supports healthy gut function†
  • Helps to maintain healthy gut microflora†
  • Supports healthy digestive function†
  • Promotes proper digestion and nutrient absorption†
  • Promotes cellular energy†
  • Supports cognitive health†

How to Use

Adults take two capsules per day.

Product Facts

Form: Capsule
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Number of Servings: 30

Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarian, Made Without Gluten, Made Without Dairy, Made Without Soy, Made Without Nuts, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly.

3rd Party Certified: Certified Organic, Regenerative Organic Certified, CCOF Organic is NON-GMO & More, Carbon Neutral Certified, B Corp, BioBottles™ (a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles).
*produced on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soybean, wheat sesame, shellfish, fish, egg.


Key Ingredients

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Superfood Blend

Here’s something we’re proud of: this formula packs in Regenerative Organic Certified® lion’s mane mushroom mycelium and organic fermented ginger root. Our ROC™ mushroom mycelium are Ancient Farmed; they are grown entirely on our founder-owned Regenerative Organic Certified® farmland. Your gut plays such an important role in your overall health and we designed this formula to bring you the extra support you’re looking for.

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Fermentation works to unlock important nutrients and compounds within the ingredient, which helps make it easier for your body to absorb — so you’re getting more out of the supplements you’re taking.

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30 diverse probiotic strains

This formula combines soil-based organisms with lactic acid bacteria for our most diverse formula yet. It also includes proprietary strain Bacillus subtilis AB22, which is a highly effective, live culture strain that was primarily developed by Ancient Nutrition founder Jordan Rubin. Designed to survive and thrive in your gut, this first ever Regenerative Organic Certified® Extra Strength Probiotics provides 50 billion CFUs* in every serving. *At Expiration Date under recommended storage conditions.

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Prebiotics and postbiotics

We take a trifecta approach to gut health by pairing clinically studied probiotics with prebiotics and postbiotics. Prebiotics act as fuel for probiotics, and postbiotics are the metabolites (enzymes and organic acids) that are created by probiotics. Together, they provide powerful support for digestive health.

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